Isn't it dubious to bring hackers "on board"?

All available resources must be exhausted in order to convict serious criminals more quickly. IT specialists, cryptominer and also hackers have know-how and hardware equipment that are considerably more effective/specialized than that of some law enforcement agencies. This group of people must be “enticed” with the highest possible reward.


Especially "Ethereum miners" have powerful GPU hardware that can optimally be used for decryption processes. Should the cryptocurrency "Ethereum" ever switch from "proof-of-work" to "proof-of-stake" in the near future, miners will seek new lucrative challenges. This freed-up potential must be exploited.


Can a reward only be offered by a prosecutor's office?

No. If a public authority wants to publish a password hash, a service contract is concluded between Decrypta Technologies GmbH and the public authority. Decrypta Technologies will actively support the decryption attempts with its own GPU servers. Costs are incurred by the authorities only if the password is decrypted.


Do law enforcement agencies have to deposit the reward in advance?

No. The reward is contractually guaranteed and does not need to be deposited in advance.


Will the identity of the contracting authority be made public?

No. We see ourselves as an anonymous interface between international law enforcement agencies and the aforementioned group of people.


How can law enforcement authorities publish a hash?

Contact us without obligation. You can extract the password hashes easily and quickly using our software "GovCracker".


How long are the hashes made available to the public?

Generally three months. The period can be extended at any time.


When is the best time to publish a password hash?

As soon as possible. Keyword: duration of proceedings.


Can a private person or a company publish a hash?

No. Only authorities in initiated criminal proceedings can commission Decrypta Technologies as "expert third party" with the decryption.


Does the software "BOINC" affect the computer performance?

Your computer can be used as per normal. You will not feel any effect from the decryption attempts in the background. If necessary, you can simply pause BOINC.


I find the project exciting and would like to take part actively. What do I have to do?

We would be pleased if you share our website on Facebook and other media and install "BOINC" on your computer. If you have further ideas or suggestions for improvement, please contact us.


Who can participate?

Anyone who has a computer and wants to "do something good".


What is a password hash?

Passwords are mathematically converted into a string of characters (=hash value) using hash functions (=algorithms). For example, the password "123456" has the hash value: e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e (MD5). A password that has been calculated with a mathematical hash method cannot be calculated back. A hash value is comparable to a digital fingerprint. The only way to decrypt hashed passwords is "trial and error" (trail-and-error method).